About Therapy - How Helpful is Therapy?

Psychotherapy is usually more effective than informal support that one gets from friends and family. Most people who receive therapy are benefited by doing so and outcomes or results have proven substantial. Anxiety, anger and depression are alleviated allowing people to function better in personal and work relationships. In addition, gains made during therapy tend to last.

In brief, a November 1995 Consumer Reports Study states that psychotherapy:

• Eased the problems that brought people to treatment.

• Helped them function better, improve their ability to relate well to others, be productive at work, and cope with everyday stress.

• Enhanced personal growth: People in therapy had more confidence and self-esteem, understood themselves better and enjoyed life more.

Many other studies have concluded that psychotherapy is effective, efficient and lasting. Findings are summarized by Michael J. Lambert, Ph.D. in his Spring 2003 paper, "What has a Century of Research Taught Us About the Effects of Treatment?” Lambert concluded that:

• Psychotherapy is effective. About 75 percent of those who enter treatment show some benefit.

• The effects of psychotherapy are more powerful than informal support systems and placebo controls.

• The outcomes of therapy tend to be maintained.

• Psychotherapy is relatively efficient.

About Therapy with Me - How do I work with you?

I work with adults, including elders, with any gender or sexual orientation, any ethnicity and any religious orientation. I prefer mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and ACT and work with individuals and groups. Some clients come in crisis and need direct support and guidance. Others come distressed that their lives just are not working very well. Whichever the case, your treatment will be tailored to fit you. I'll be with you, supporting you on your journey of healing, wherever that journey takes you.

What About Insurance and fees?

I accept many health insurances, including Aetna, AmeriHealth, BlueCross, BlueShield, Horizon BCBSNJ, Horizon Healthcare, Magellan Behavioral Health, Out of network. If you don't see your health insurance, call to see if we've added it. Always call to verify your insurance.

Basic fees are $150.00 for intake and $120.00 per hour for a private therapy session. Group sessions run $50.00 per person. Please don't hesitate to call for an appointment or for more information. Once you've scheduled a session, click here to find forms to print, fill in and bring to your appointment.

Please make payment either by cash or check as I don't yet accept credit cards.

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